These are the most Frequently Asked Questions. Please click on a question to expand the answer.

What does Mobile Scorecard do?

Mobile Scorecard offers mobile and tablet apps and web back-end (for paid editions) for data collection via handheld devices. It allows you to automate your process of collecting data using smart mobile interface rather than traditional way of job-sheets which consume lot of paper and time. It also removes the need of manually entering the job-sheet data on to the computer when you are back in the office.

Personal Edition (Free) App and plug-ins operate independently without any back-end. User can download the app from Google Play store for free and choose the document he wants to work on. When the document is completed, a HTML report is emailed to the user. Personal Edition supports single user.

Mobile Scorecard paid editions (Premium and Enterprise Edition) provides more functionalities like ability to create customised company documents. It provides a back-end system for admin team for assigning and tracking tasks of multiple users. When a task is assigned to a mobile user (who has already installed mobile scorecard app), he receives instant notification about the job.

Once the job is finished, user can sync the app with the server and reports are generate automatically into the system. With paid features, company can request for their existing forms into mobile documents, custom reports, graphs, etc.
Mobile Scorecard gives you and your staff the flexibility to collect data needed for daily business routine on the move. Information which can be collected includes text, dates, signatures, images, audio, video and bar-code as well. Using Mobile Scorecard makes your business’s daily operation paper-less.

Is it useful to my business?

If your daily business’ operations include visiting remote sites for:

  • Audits: Occupational Health & Safety | Electrical Safety | Jobsite Safety, etc.
  • Surveys
  • Inspections checks related to Risk Assessment, DSE, etc.
  • Repairing and Maintenance services - vehicle, boiler, etc.
  • Hotel Inspections
  • IT services
  • Warehouse Inspections
  • Taxi Services
  • Couriers and Logistics
  • Care Sector - Hospitals, Care Homes, etc.

If you are using multiple-pages paper forms to perform jobs, re-entering data when back in the office, getting delays in preparing invoices, reports, etc.

Then Yes, Mobile Scorecard is designed to solve your daily hustle and give efficiency and speed up your daily operations and job closures.

If you would like to use Mobile Scorecard and looking for customizing it according to your own needs, please Contact Us and we will give your customised app and plug-in within 5 days.

How to install the mobile app?

Mobile Scorecard provides one main app which can be installed on Android mobile and tablet devices (Free on Google Play) . There are multiple 'plug-ins' available like Jobsite Safety, OHS Audit, Hotel Inspections, etc. which can be downloaded according to users' needs (Plug-ins also available on Google Play Store) .

For instance, if you are a Hotel Inspector:
1. Open Google Play Store on your mobile / tablet and
2. Search 'Mobile Scorecard' and download the Mobile Scorecard App and
3. Search for 'Hotel Inspection plug-in' and download the plug-in for 'Hotel Inspection'. (note: Both the app and plug-ins are available on Google Play Store)

You can also download two or more plug-ins in a single app. You can access the other plug-ins from 'Select Plug-in' menu.

Which Edition should I go for?

We offer Three Editions depending on your requirements. If your individual daily operations include simple operations like taking audits, making deliveries, getting customer feedback and storing all the collected data into HTML reports then Free Edition would suit your needs. This edition supports a single user. For more details, please see the product page of Personal Edition (Free).
If you are looking for more advanced features like creating your own paper-based forms into mobile documents and a simple report back-end then the more advanced ‘Premium Edition’ would suit your business needs. This edition is best for SME company who has multiple user. Admin team can assign and track jobs of these users. For more details visit Premium Edition. Eventually if you plan to upgrade to more advanced editions, we will take utmost care that you do not lose any of your existing data. 

If your business needs more features like SMS alerts to staff and customers, we can configure it for you. If you have any proposal relating to your specific business need to be added in Mobile Scorecard like customized template or reports, our Custom Edition of Mobile Scorecard will suit your business the best. This edition is most suitable for specialized SME's like Audit or consultants and multi-national companies. Please visit Enterprise Edition page for more information or please feel free to get in touch with us.

Are there any hidden prices for Personal Edition (Free)?

No hidden prices! We offer Personal Edition completely free to our customers. You can download the Free edition app and use it. We will never ask you to pay money for the Free Edition of Mobile Scorecard.

Premium Edition is available on an introductory annual fee of £500 p.a. (*limited time introductory offer)

Enterprise Edition prices are based on individual customer's requirements and specifications.

What if I need more features?

Mobile Scorecard provides its Personal Edition with most of the essential features to carry out daily operations. It is a single user app and user cannot request any customised features or documents.

If you are looking for more features like using your existing forms into mobile documents and a back-end to control all user activities plus reporting, then choose our Premium Edition of Mobile Scorecard or if you have any custom requirement then please discuss with us by getting in touch via Phone or E-mail.

Please note that Free Edition comes with limited support. Full support is provided for Premium and Custom Edition. All support requests to be sent on: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

How can I upgrade to/buy Standard Edition or Custom Edition?

If you are upgrading to/buying Premium Edition of Mobile Scorecard, please Contact Us via phone or Email with your requirements. Our staff would be happy to help you.

What support is provided?

We will work with you to iron out any software bugs or configuration errors. Please help us by providing as much information as possible about any problems you are encountering. Users should request technical support by emailing us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

What guarantee is provided?

We believe you will be delighted with Mobile Scorecard and we will do our best to assist you and ensure the system does exactly as you need. If despite our efforts you are not satisfied with the product, please call us and we will refund any payment you have made to us in the past 30 days

If you still have any questions, please do not hesitate to Contact Us with your queries.